It is 7:30 am. People are waking up to another day in the digital age.

Screens are lighting up. Thousands of new stories are waiting to be read for the first time...

Content is still the king.
Well, only if people can find it in time.

Queryly Search Cloud brings power of Google (and Bing) to publishers.

Our strategy to empower your content
What's our plan?

You are in the content business. You know you need the technology in this digital world, but if your technology can't make sense of your content, how can it even help? You need a technology partner that understands your content at a deeper level to help you drive audience, traffic and ad revenue.

Our plan is simple: Build technology that understands your digital content.

A Cloud Platform That Understands Your Content
Relevant & Faster Search
Relevant Recommendations
Relevant & Targeted Ads
Great User Experience
Higher Engagement & Traffic
New Ad Revenue
Our technology
in the cloud
How do we do it?

At Queryly we develop the technology stack to understand your content. Our services run in the cloud and are built on advanced search algorithms and big data technology to make your content smarter. It is plug-and-play. You can set it up within 24 hours.


Queryly brings your readers the most compelling search experience on the web. It makes searching on your site fast, relevant and visually appealing. Publishers also have options to embed targeted ads and sponsor content as part of results.

  1. Instantly Fast
    Queryly brings a "search as you type" experience to your readers. it is lightning fast and delivers instant gratification of content discovery at your fingertips, literally.
  2. Visual and Beautiful
    Queryly displays results beautifully. When people enjoy the search experience, they will search more and discover more.
  3. Relevant Results
    Queryly's semantic engine processes every single article and extracts key concepts and knowledge to make results more relevant.
  4. Real Time Analytics
    People communicate their interests and demands through search. Queryly harvests the data to help you better understand readers' interests in real time.
  5. Fully Customizable

Queryly Discovery is a smart recommendation service that generates related stories for every single article on the site. It takes an algorithmic approach and analyzes every single word in every article to determine relevance. It requires no human intervention and improves itself over time as more people use it.

  1. Relevant
    By leveraging our semantic engine and users' inputs, Discovery brings truly relevant recommendations based on each article to keep readers more engaged.
  2. Recommendation Widgets
    Their UX and behavior are fully customizable with standard HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  3. API support
    Developers can build more engaging applications on top of Discovery API.
  4. Real Time Analytics

Publishers can leverage Queryly's semantic and search technology to bring engaging and relevant ads and sponsor content in front of the right audience. Our built-in tools allow you to target ads to 1 article all the way to 1,000,000 articles.

  1. Search Ads
    Promote content by embedding ads in search results that target one or more keywords. Publishers can now target ads and sponsor content only to people who look for it.
  2. In-Story Ads
    Powered by our semantic and search algorithm, publishers can easily deploy creative and engaging in-story ads across all relevant digital content.
  3. Powerful Tools
    Your sales team can build and deploy ads for narrow verticals or broad coverages in 30 seconds via our powerful ad tools. No training is required.
  4. Real Time Performance Tracking
Our customers
Who is powered by Queryly?

Publishers are very important to us because 100% of our clients happen to be publishers. We know what they want and we build our technology to meet their needs. We are innovators. When customers work with us, they are buying the innovation over the long run.

Our pricing
How much does it cost?

Our pricing model is straight forward and affordable. Our search service starts at $199/month for up to 100,000 articles.
Optional add-ons are just $99 each.

+ $99/month
+ $99/month
Free 30-day trial
Ready to try?

Please fill out the info below. Our dev guy will contact you and help you set up a free trial for your site.

About Queryly
Who are we?

Searching for content on Google/Bing is great, but finding content on media sites is not. The search experience is lacking and makes it harder to readers to find anything, so we develop technology that help publishers improve search and discovery of their digital content. At Queryly, we have a few ideas on how to make content more discoverable. We truly believe Queryly will improve the way each one of us finds information online.


Our office: 50 Public Square, STE 200 Cleveland, OH 44113
Toll-Free: (866) 764-1640
Email: xchen(at)